Academic Foundation Programmes - August 2013 Entry

South West (Peninsula and Severn) Two Year Academic Foundation Programe Recruitment - posts commencing August 2013

General Recruitment Information

The recruitment process for two year Academic Foundation Programmes commencing August 2013 has closed.

For more information, the UKFPO 2013 Applicant’s Handbook is available at Academic/How to Apply section of the UKFPO website

Academic recruitment has been managed via the national online recruitment system (FPAS) and the basic timescale is detailed below.  For the purposes of Academic Recruitment only, Peninsula and Severn Foundation Schools joined as one Unit of Application for August 2013 recruitment.

Timetable for Academic Foundation Recruitment


24 August 2012

AUoAs and UKFPO publish details of the programmes available and information regarding local recruitment processes

1 – 5 October 2012

Academic and general applicants register and enrol on FPAS

8 – 19 October 2012

Complete national application form on FPAS, select maximum of two AUoAs and complete relevant local application forms or submit CVs (depending on local requirements)

22 October 2012 – 16 January 2013

Local Recruitment processes take place including short listing and interviewing

28 November 2012

Academic (Research) post interviews: Bristol

4 December 2012

Academic (Education) post interviews: Torbay

21 January 2013

Initial offer made

23 January 2013

Deadline for applicants to accept or reject initial offers

24 January  – 13 February 2013

Cascade offers process takes place

The following documents are provided for information:

Intervew Expenses Guidance 2013

AFP Enquiries and Appeals Process 2013

AFP Person Specification 2013

 General information on how Foundation training is organised within Severn Foundation School


Posts based in the Severn Foundation School

Why choose Severn for your Academic Foundation Programme?
Please see our AFPs webpage and Programme Descriptions

  • 6 x Academic posts based at North Bristol NHS Trust
  • 6 x Academic posts based at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

The Academic Foundation Programmes for Severn are based in either North Bristol NHS Trust (Frenchay or Southmead Hospital) or University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (Bristol Royal Infirmary). The F1 year will allow the newly qualified doctor to gain experience in a range of medical and surgical placements. The F2 year comprises an academic block of four months, during which the F2 doctor will undertake a research project (for list of research themes see our Programme Descriptions webpage) and continue with one day per week clinical work. For the remaining 8 months of the F2 year, doctors will undertake more specialised medical training, eg General Practice, ITU, paediatrics, whilst continuing 1 day per week of academic work. During the F2 year doctors will also attend the Research Methods course designed specifically for Academic Foundation doctors.

Full two year programme details

For general queries regarding the Severn Academic Programmes, please contact Dr Tony Pickering, AFP Lead


If you applied for an Academic post and were unsuccessful (or do not accept an offer), you will automatically be entered into the main national recruitment round for general Foundation posts. If you have been successful and have accepted an Academic post, you will not be entered into the general recruitment round.

For further details, please go to the Academic/How to Apply page on the UKFPO website.

If you have any queries, please email them to